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The education and training sector is constantly changing to meet the needs of policymakers, learners, industry and society. This has resulted in a highly competitive global industry that needs to be in tune with market forces to succeed. Education research delivers valuable insights and direction to those who operate in education markets to meet current and future challenges.

What can we do for you?

The education industry is an increasingly competitive market for educational institutions and stakeholders. Our vast insight and sector experience can help you thrive in that market by helping you change what you do and how you do it and giving you the highest quality service.

What We do?:

Developing a differentiated offer at the optimum price for educational products and services. It includes helping our clients with the development of:
  • Course specification/syllabus testing
  • Corporate education offerings
  • Professional training courses
  • Course Specification Development
  • Adapting existing courses to new geographical markets or modes of study (e.g. distance learning)
Developing adequate policies and procedures is a mandatory requirement in the education industry. We at Foster Education Group offer bespoke services in developing policies and procedures. Whether you need to create new policies and procedures or to improve the existing policies and procedures, Foster Education Group is here to help you.
Finding opportunities in new geographies, identifying decision-making processes, establishing market sizes, and forecasting scenarios. We can work for higher education institutions, corporate training providers and awarding bodies.

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